CindyRella Weddings      

Specializing in:    False Ceilings  
     Beautiful Backdrops

Lighting options

Silk Chinese Lanterns 

Both lighted and unlighted 


(per bid)

Chandelier Lighting

$50.00 each

1-2  Chandeliers included  with all

 Lighted False Ceilings!

Linen / Chair Cover/Sash  


CindyRella Weddings Linen Package includes; 

8     White square 84" tablecloths (fits 60" round)

3       8 foot banquet tables draped to the floor with white tablecloths

10     60" square accent cloths in the color of your choice 

2       Additional tables draped to the floor  (i.e. entry, cake, gift)



  Chair Cover & Sashes Package


   90 white folding chair covers



     90 sashes in the color of your choice 

   $125.00 if You place and tie them 


                                                       $175.00  if We place and tie them 

Full Linen/Chaircover/Sash Package

  (Labor included)